Steps Ahead


To ensure product reaches the consumers/end-user in the promised quality, many organizations have deployed their assets (like chillers, freezers etc) in the market in large numbers. The movements are recorded in MIS systems to keep record of the asset base, but this requires external verification after a fixed duration. Here comes the role of Steps Ahead to provide trained resource capable of understanding complex situations, record them in the mobile application are online report the reconciliation details on daily basis. 

Asset Tagging:
2019: Modelez-Chillers
2013: Dairy-Omung-Chillers

Asset Verification:
2013: Omore-Cencus (Also in 2016, 2019)
2011: Walls-Census (Also in 2014,2017 National, 2019-KPK)
2010: Chillers-Census (Also in 2012,2013,2017,2018,2019)

Asset Induction:
2009: Lipton-Hot-Tea-Vending-Machines

Asset Disposal:
2012...... Walls-Cabinets-WriteOff

Customer conscious companies ensure there is no Damaged or Expired product moves in its supply chain. The D/E product once identified shall immediately be removed and stopped from reaching the next intermediary. Our Damage & Expire controls services provides check and controls over the stocks as above marked, monitors its authorization process, supervise the disposal process and ensure the stocks are updated accordingly in the systems.

2017...... Unilever-GT-Distributors
2015-16: Shan-Foods-Karachi-Distributors
2015-17: Reckitt-Benckiser-USC
2013-17: Engro-Omore-Distributors
2008...... Unilever-Walls-Distributors

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Logistics coordination is to oversees the (entire or part) operations of a supply chain for a company or organization. Duties typically include oversight of inventory, warehousing and transportation activity. Our team at client sites monitor and report the actual achievements against agreed benchmarks and report to the management for any trends / exceptions. Our team takes full responsibility and plays its role in bringing correction to the system.

2008...... Walls-Central-ColdStore-Karachi
2012...... Walls-Distributors-with-3P-Transport

Our visibility & merchandising team help you attract more business using optimized resources and brilliant execution. A variety of activities including, but not limited to instore activation, inventory reporting, planogram implementation, selling asset care, SoS reporting etcetera are available to make a unique package that serves your business purposes.


2018-19: Walls-Top-2K-Karachi-POPs
2018...... Igloo-Top-500-Karachi-POPs
2016-18: Omore-Distributors-Top10-Cities

Organizations in strive to penetrate more in the market, require expansion of POP universe in addition to many other actions. Our field team spread across all major towns of the country identify the POPs according to the standard criteria and obtain initial consent of the POP contact for having business with the organization.


2019-20: Walls-80-Towns
2017-17: Dawn-Bread-Karachi-Selective-Areas
2015-15: Diamond-Paints-Lahore-City
2015-16: Reckitt-Benckiser-Mul/RWP-Regions
2014-14: Walls-Top-6-Cities

Geo Tagging of existing distribution structures, POPs, Routes and Benchmarking Services are here to bring efficiency into your systems. Knowing the locational proximity helps optimize routes and territories to better serve the market. Geo positioning is also used to monitor geo spread of product wise sales.

POP Tagging:
2020-20: HICO--Rawalpindi/Islamabad
2019-19: Burque-Corporation-Karachi
2016-16: Unilever-Top-2k-Super-Stores
2016-16: Walls-Top-6-Cities
2015-17: National-Foods-4Regions
2008-11: Walls-Karachi

Warehouse Inventory Audits and Compliance monitoring is being done by the organizations to ensure the stocks in systems reflect the true position on ground. Steps Ahead applies various methodologies like counting, measurement, weighing, back flushing etcetera to go as closer to reality as possible. Compliance with SOPs for stocks management is also monitored and reported for management review.


2021.....: Rafhan-Maize-Products
2021-22: Jugnu Tech
2019-21: SPAR-Super-Stores
2018-21: Reckitt-Benckiser-Distributors/3P
2016-19: Reckitt-Benckiser-Depots
2014-14: Unilever-Factories
2014-14: Unilever-3P-Sites

Our teams on ground are capable of monitoring and reporting the implementation of contractual arrangements between organizations and their retailing partners. We first understand the organizational requirements, train our team accordingly, and gather mystery observations from the market to report compliance and variation. Weighted scores are also used to finalize the compliance scores by distributors, geographies and observation-elements.  


2016-2019: Walls-Perfect-Stores
2015-2017: Reckitt-Benckiser-Stores

Several other adhoc services are also provided to the existing client on their special request, like:

  • Factory Dispatches Cut-Off Monitoring at Month End (Reckitt-Benckiser-2017)
  • Repairable Chiller Movements for Blue-Band (2010-2020)
  • Redistribution Cost Benchmarking for Walls Distributors at Karachi & Lahore (2008)
  • Write-Off Cabinets verification and disposal for Walls-Ice-Cream (since 2012)