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To succeed in a world with greater time demands and leaner profit margins, businesses are looking for alternatives ways of doing business that can simplify their work environment & bring efficiency into the system thus enabling the organizations to grow faster and smarter. Our Outsourcing service has successfully assisted some of the industry leaders in the white- and blue-collar categories. We are there to provide right pool of candidates with flexible contractual arrangement that frees organization to focus more on other business aspects. Our manpower is serving at the Head offices, regional or branch offices, distributor warehouses and factories of our clients.

2020...... Trademark-MIS
2019...... Upfield-MIS-Coordinators
2019...... Unilever-Field-Positions
2019...... Unilever-Factories-Positions
2016...... IIL-Sales-Officers
2016-16: Hilal-Foods-DEOs
2015...... Engro-MIS/Janitorial/Support-Staff
2013-17: Pak-Qatar-Data-Entry-Operators
2010...... Novartis-MIS-Positions
2010-15: Adamjee-Insurance-MIS-Team
2008...... Unilever-MIS-&-Office-Positions
  • Planning & Strategy: We are responsible for the proper completion of pre-employment document checks as well as providing daily administrative updates to the recruiting team of our Client. We ensure the level balance between needs & goals of both the Client’s Management & Workplace.
  • Build & Maintain Relationships: We have a very hands-on relationship when we collaborate every day on priorities, forecasting and constant feedback.
  • On Boarding new Hires: Onboarding new hires is an ongoing process that should be efficient. Like any machine, one part cannot work without the other. It is important that new hires’ first impressions are positive and any feedback they provide will be taken into consideration moving forward.
2019...... Unilever-Factories-Positions
2017...... IIL-Trainee-Officers
2010...... Novartis-Factory-MIS

Recruitment Services for multinational & national companies, in the designated cities and for the assigned positions. We promise to deliver our clients with quality staff and fulfill all the HR requirements. We support firms in recruiting for almost every field and every region. Having an operational & experiential team of professionals, that is isolated in accordance to different professions. This helps us in scrupulously scrutinizing each applicant, before sending to the client. Our proven work in this field has given us confidence in our ability to reach your constituents.

2022...... Rozgar Technologies Private Limited
2021...... Dastan Apps
2021...... SRC (Shafi Reso Chem)
2021...... Jugnu Tech Private Limited
2021...... Bazaar Tech Private Limited
2020...... Friesland-Support-Staff
2020...... Nippon-Paints-Order-Bookers
2019...... Upfield-MIS-Positions
2016...... Unilever-Foods-Multiple-Functions
2016...... Int'l-Industries-Sales/Trainee-Officers
2015...... Omore-MIS-Positions
2012-17: PZ-Cussons-Sales-Positions 
2012-13: Coca-Cola-HR-Positions 
2010-13: BinZagr-Sales-Positions
2010...... Novartis-MIS-Positions
2008...... Unilever-Multiple-Functions

Geo Tagging of existing distribution structures, POPs, Routes and Benchmarking Services are here to bring efficiency into your systems. Knowing the locational proximity helps optimize routes and territories to better serve the market. Geo positioning is also used to monitor geo spread of product wise sales.

Geography Polygons:
2015-15: Unilever-Distributors
2016-17: Coca-Cola-Hyderabad-Distributors
2018-19: Burque-Corporation-Karachi-Distributors

Route Optimization:
2018-19: Burque-Corporation-Karachi-Distributors
2016-16: Walls-Sukkur-Distributors
2014-14: Engro-Milk-Collection-Selective
2013-13: Walls-Distributors

Leading organizations that grow with time face the problem of having multiple formats and varying practices in different departments and/or geographies. We have expertise in reviewing the policy papers, practices on ground and coming up with Standard Operating Procedures with clear roles & responsibilities.


2017-17: Unilever-Damage-Expiry-Controls
2016-16: Al-Noor-Sugar-Mill-HR-Manual
2011-11: Unilever-QA-Manual
2010-10: Walls-Red-Book
2009-09: Litpon-Tea-Vending-Machine-Induction
2008-08: Walls-MIS-Policy
2008-20: Walls-Damage-Expiry-Controls